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    Fashion editorial for Jute Magazine
Fashion editorial for JUTE Magazine
Featuring Aqua and Ophelie from Crystal Models, Paris
Photo&Post-production: Alice Berg
Styling: Yaya Wang
Make-up: Camille Lutz
Hair: Sadek L
Inspired deeply by breathtaking Butoh performance, this story takes you to the dark side of the moon where we let go our true self wondering and expressing through dance and movement. Butoh is usually translated as a dance of darkness, but there is much more to it than an inclination towards darkness and avante-garde culture. It's a complex meditation that takes a lot of skill and practice. Often portrayed with a white clay masks and nude/white costumes, it reveals all possible forms that one's body can take. 
We took an inspiration and combined dark/avante-garde fashion labels with a shadow play to create a moonlight feel to the story, to bring the viewer inside these humans' heads. Almost as if you sneak into somebody's mind without them knowing it.