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    Fashion editorial for LESS magazine
Fashion editorial for LESS Magazine (Denmark)
Photo&Art direction: Alice Berg
Model: Amandine Elina @Women Management (Paris)
Style: Yaya Moo
Make-up: Camille Lutz
Hair: Yumiko Hikage
Flowers: Maria Tyushkevich
Post-production: Sofia Zasheva
This story was inspired by a legend about the birth of Edelweiss flower that grows in the higher peaks of Alpes. Once upon a time a Snow queen lived on the highest peak protected by goblins. Every climber, every man to reach the top would immediately fall in love with the queen and would offer her marriage. Her heart always remained cold and once received an offer, the goblins would throw men off the cliffs into the abyss. But there one man who climbed the top and when he saw the queen, he was so astonished by her beauty that he could not say a word. Since a climber didn’t offer her to marry him, goblins were not allowed to throw him off the cliff. And this time queen’s heart melted and she fell in love with the man. Goblins saw the threat and without further waiting threw him into abyss. Snow queen could not save the man, but for the first time in her life she started crying and the tears dropped on a stone and turned into a beautiful silver flower, which was then called Edelweiss. The motive behind our story was to show the feminine beauty in the native lands of Edelweiss flower, which in itself is a symbol of rare and graceful kind. Real flowers further contribute to showing the duality of timeless and yet very fragile beauty.