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    Redesign of Stardust Magazine
Films are and have been my ever-present passion which I discovered of lately after working on various courses in NID. Also there is a identifiable need of bringing the change to the existing film magazines available in the country since the cinema is of the country is rapidly changing. There is a desperate need of giving the magazines a fresh look which also redefines the tonality of the information they carry.

What I intended to do was a brief analysis of the Layouts, Typography, and Visual language followed, in individual magazine. That defined the need and selection for the magazine to be proposed for a change. After which the redesign part included redesigning the template for one of the four selected magazine and creating guidelines for the content based on type, hierarchy and importance of information.
The documentation for the project is uploaded as a *.pdf on issuu.com, for further reference. It includes the process followed in designing the magazine and the guidelines suggested.