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    Redesign Project
A Landmark Stretch
Redesign of the stretch connecting the main gate and the main college building of National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
Existing and Redesigned
Existing and Redesigned
The project was to redesign the stretch between the main gate area and the administrative block keeping in mind the coming golden jubilee year for the college

The design incorporates wide shaded pedestrian paths with regular seating, a plaza,and shaded parking for cars, 2 wheelers, auto taxi stand and a bus stop.
My approach here was to incorporate various functions in my design. The use of monumental concrete arches defines the values of fundamental and strong gained by the institute over the 50 years of its existence. The structures could also be used otherwise to sustain through event graphics and decorations and function as a platform for the same. I added a map and a info-desk right where they are needed. The plaza serves as a congregation space during events.
The Main Gate
Map for Visitors and Bus drop off point
Shaded pedestrian paths with incorporated seating and shades from vines.
Cycle and Car Parking
Information Kiosk