Ex libris collection II
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    Ex libris collection, bookplate indicating ownership of a book, from Halisten Studio, 2015–2016.
Personalized ex libris collection №02

After our previous ex libris collection we had so many bookplate commissions, that now we are able to present the second selection. This makes us so happy, we really like to work on bookplates. It is a very personal and custom design each time, and a great challenge to express someone’s personality in one compressed symbol.
Our bookplates, also known as ex libris, are usually small prints or decorative labels pasted or stamped into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner, and make the property look more unique. They usually consist of the owner's name or monogram, and a motif that can be related to the owner of the book, requested by the owner or by the designer.
This is a little planet for Richárd Kelemen. He loves the space things, and the designer of this bookplate.
Ex libris for Eszter Váradi. She is a beautiful mermaid girl and the lover of the designer of this bookplate.
Ex libris for Ágota Kovács for her 30th birthday. Ágó is warm-hearted, adroit, brave, clever and she is a ray of hope, like a unicorn.
Ex libris for Bálint Andó. He is interested in history and urbanism, especially in the Middle Ages.This is a lovely castle for him.
Ex libris for Benoit Godbert who works as cabinet maker and restorer, furthermore he likes the bears.
This bookplate is a wedding gift for Saci and Pisti who are newlyweds and cycling lovers.
Ex libris for Erika Millei, who is the mom of the designer of this bookplate.
Ex libris for Judit Halász. She likes all kinds of animals (especially the fox) and water related things, so a waterfox was designed for her.
Bookplate for Pati and Csabi who are a young engaged couple with two nice tabby cats.
Ex libris for Réka Kiesz. The theme and the base was given by the ex libris of Károly Radosits, designed by László Szentessy.
The mermaid was replaced by Kvasir (the wisest), and the man was changed into a woman.
Bookplate for Gyöngyi Sin who is a lovely catlover, book lover, and a former librarian.
Ex libris for Thomas Dechand. His bookplate was inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem “Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself”.
Thank you for your attention!