Ex libris collection III
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Personalized ex libris collection №03

If you are familar with our portfolio you surely know that we like designing bookplates. You guys seem to like them as well, since we receive more and more commissions from you. Thank you very much for your confidence in us, we hope this year we'll have the opportunity to design lots of lovely symbols for you again.
A bookplate is a small print or a label, which is adhered to a book, most often inside the front cover. It is also known as ex libris, meaning 'from the library of'. These little marks show the proprietor of the books and also protect them from being lost.

Ex libris for Zoltán Leiner. The calm tiger, who has already acquired the knowledge hidden in the fruit of the date palm, is keeping an eye on the beautiful tree, and the restless shrew, climbing up.

Ex libris for Lujza Slajchó who likes the motifs & typography of art nouveau.

A gaul warrior is fighting with a huge serpent on Drewes' ex libris. He is a veteran who has Gaul ancestors.

Ex libris for Kinga, who loves flowers, gardening, and Sicily.

Ex libris for Giuseppe Abatista who is really into Greek ancient history so we drew a pretty Minotaur for him.

Ex libris for Liktor Katalin, who does research on the literature and culture of Transilvania. The edelweiss is a common mountain flower, and is also one of the symbols of the area.

​​​​​​​Ex libris Marco Prato who adores (and even dreams) of paninis, and likes small furry animals.

A phoenix bookplate for Sára, who loves to read fantasy. Her books are now guarded by this magical creature.

Ex libris for Anikó and Pali. The gastronomy and the wine is very important to both of them and they like to travel, especially to the  Mediterranean lands. We thought a delicious glass wine and a pretty olive branch would be perfect to them.

Ex libris Marcin Chełkowski. Marcin requested a character who protects his books as his ex libris. He loves japanese culture, so we made a samurai warrior for him, as a guardian. Besides keeping watch on his books, this guy also has a passion for smoking and sake.

Ex libris for Marta Poślad. Marta likes the simple but pretty things and one of her favourite book is Mary Poppins. She travels a lot and she always joke about how many miles she makes on her flights. This emblem can express her favourite and most typical things.

Ex libris for a nice couple, who wanted to have the EU flag and something related to witchcraft combined in their stamp.

This graceful great egret belongs to Beatrice.

This ex libris was made for a civil engineer who keeps animals and has a thousand things to do.

This little curious kiwi bird who keeps searching for the meaning of life is Bendegúz Nádi's ex libris.

Thank you for your attention! 
Ex libris collection III

Ex libris collection III

Ex libris collection, bookplate indicating ownership of a book, from Halisten Studio, 2016–2017.

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