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    A tribute to my favorite game - Grand Theft Auto V - featuring my own version of its three main characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor

Hello Everybody!

I have been involved recently in a rather exciting project drawing lots of people whom I don't know personally, and I decided it was time to draw somebody whom I think I actually do know:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★   Grand Theft Auto V protagonists  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On the verge of the latest game-changing upcoming update on Grand Theft Auto Online - I still cannot forget the original story, so this is my version of evasive and yet cheerful Michael, ready for action Franklin and the fearless owner of "Trevor Philips Industries" - Mr. Philips himself.

And here they are, back together, open for any possible stroke of luck that future will bring them.
Mr. Michael De Santa, Grand Theft Auto V protagonist, closeup // digital painting
This is the first part of a Christmas surprise for ❤  my other half, ❤  The Damned Brotherhood,
❤ Rockstar Games and everybody who loves and enjoys ❤  Grand Theft Auto V.
These characters are all hand-drawn digitally and based on in-game protagonists.
Mr. Trevor Philips, Grand Theft Auto V protagonist, closeup // digital painting
Mr. Franklin Clinton, Grand Theft Auto V protagonist, closeup // digital painting
This is a personal project. Brands of Grand Theft Auto are property of Rockstar Games and its partners. Artwork property of W_Flemming.
Thanks for having a look!
Enjoy, merry GTA Online update to all and Happy Holidays to everybody!