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    classic black and white portraits taken during my trip to Ethiopia in 2015
after some long period i found some time to write a few words and to post my next series of portraits of strangers taken during my trip to Ethiopia in last April. my previous post was incredibly popular on social media sites and i got a huge number of comments and feedbacks – both positive and negative. i was a little bit upset because of various phrases of criticism about my works and and it was something to think about. to tell the truth – about all this i thought during my trip. if my short appearance with my camera in this country and my attention to these people can help to someone ? how this right on the ethical level to break into stranger’s “house” and to ask for something “egoistic” that every photograph is looking to get – “beautiful picture”, “stunning portrait” etc…
but the point is – if a smile, moment of happiness and children’s laughter are worth something – I had brought to Ethiopia and gave people one Million dollars, not less. if i’ll able to print a part of these portraits and to bring to the the main characters of my portraiture sessions – i’ll be happy.
about this series. last time i put my attention that i always shoot in horizontal (landscape) orientation. so, the goal of taking portraits for this series was using the portrait orientation of camera and to get out from my comfort zone.
the classical poses of my heroes – their personal desire to stay in this serious mood. and you know what – this is exactly what i was looking for !!!
Thank you for taking a look.