Having listened to six keynotes about various topics, we were asked to come up with a question that makes you think about 'The Bigger Picture' and how, in turn, that can relate to your own design practice. I based my essay on the concept of beauty, how it is viewed within our society, and the debate between the subjective and the objective, as well as the implications within design. We were asked to produce a design outcome along with our essay, therefore I just gave the words format and layout with this multi-layered book.
Each section is a different size which, when viewed from above, all contribute to the overall cover - a 'bigger picture', if you will. I made sure my question was always visible to the reader so they are able to relate back to the question in case they get lost. I decided to make a simple sleeve to encase the book, and added a spot-varnish type of effect to echo the cover.
Thank you
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