The first brief of the year was to design an object that demonstrates what Design and Interaction means to you. We had to delve into our philosophies as designers - we had to make sure our audience could see our object and immediately see what our design ethos was. 
I chose to design a diary aimed at designers - a journal to help them stay focused on projects, and to help them track their progress. Personally, I consider time management to be a very important part of my design process, so the final outcome reflects this. More importantly, I think a sense of pride and self-fulfillment is very prominent to me as a designer - if you're not proud of your work, how can you expect anyone else to be? This diary includes aspects that encourage you to self-reflect and document your thoughts and feelings throughout a project.
Technically, this project was very fun to put together. Being an avid paper-lover and a beginner-binder, this was the perfect project to start the year, and I'm proud of what I managed to accomplish with a simple one-week project.
Thank you!
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