FreeThrow - A Dribbble app for Windows Phone 7
Since the birth of Windows Phone, I've been wanting an awesome Dribbble app with fluid user interaction which enhances the already enjoyable experience of Dribbble. I've tried to keep in the guidelines of the Metro Design Language, but with a twist to still keep that Dribbble-esque design we all know and love!
Using the deep experience of Windows Phone, the 'pinned' tile on the homepage shows you notifications based on your followers activity (how many new shots have been uploaded since your last visit). The tile also flips to reveal what the latest shot is, immediately giving you an idea if you want to view it or not.
The larger image will always be the first one, to show off the latest shot more (almost like a featured shot). When scrolling down, you will never need to push another button to load in more shots - this is all taken care of by infinite scrolling! :D
As a quick visual indication of whether you are or aren't following the user, you are given a different coloured ribbon (Pink by default means you are not following, and green obviously means you are - this follows the current design principle on the Dribbble site). To follow/unfollow a user just tap the ribbon.
 The users 'HUB' will give you an overview of all the things you might want to know, with a quick and easy way to view all their shots, draftees, followings, followers, their twitter, personal wesbite, and location. When clicking the 'Follow' button, the colours which change depending on your following status for them.