MODEL - Alvin Anyumba
ASSISTANT - Joseph Mwaluma
Until about 5 ,000 years ago, all of the East Africa territory was populated by people who were Hunters & gatherers .
They knew the behaviour and habitats of animals that provided meat , skins and horns which they used for their daily lives. They also knew where and when to find the plants that supplied them with grains , tubers, nuts and berries for food and bark cloth, dyes , cosmetics, incense and medicines .
         These bands of people moved around the land with the sophisticated knowledge of where to find the stones and tree branches for tools and whatever else that was needed .
          An example is the Yaaku people. After their last migration, they settled in Laikipia District, Mukogodo Division, Mukogodo Forest west of Doldol, and the foothills north of Mount Kenya. They lived in the Mukogodo forest west of Mount Kenya, near Dol Dol, a division of the Laikipia District of Rift Valley Province, Kenya. The Mukogodo forest spans an area of 30,000 hectares of rugged hillside terrain in north-east of Laikipia.
     Unfortunately some of these communities are on the verge of extinction.