"I believe that style lies in simplicity. Inspired by textures and the
cleanliness of minimalistic design, I aim to create effortless, delicate,
and feminine jewellery that will be held onto dearly.
Each piece of jewellery is hand carved out of wax and slowly brought
to life in my studio. Handmade things hold a direct link to the human heart
and there’s something truly sentimental and personal about owning an
object that has been made with time and care.
Good things take time to make… Mass production allows us to have
fast made products at low prices but there is beauty, character and
individuality in things that are made slowly and mindfully
one piece at a time.
Inger; is my first name. I grew up in France with a good dose of
Scandinavian influence. I moved around between Belgium, the US,
the UK and Australia and I am currently settled in London. I fell into
jewellery in 2011 when I felt an urge to be more creative and expressive.
I haven’t stopped since..."
- Inger