Fish packaging
The task was to create an informative and visually attractive packaging for trout.
Lot of information can be found: introduction of the fish supplier, special features about growing it, basic facts it and health benefits. Newspaper principle is used to convey and supplement the concept. Each packaging contains a headline – "Zuvies zodis" (Fish word) and it is permanent, each description is a new column. There is a window through which a real fish is visible - as an imitation of picture. There are 6 categories differed by fish preparation: hot smoked trout, cold smoked trout, salted trout, smoked trout and trout products. They are separated by colours and specially created pattern referring each category. Colours are selected in Pantone scheme to always get the same result.
Fish Agro
Art direction: Aistis Baltusnikas
graphic design: Gabija Platukyte
Copywrite: Ieva Salatkaite
photography: Image Being