Midnight Summer experiments
” You've got to experiment
to figure out what works. 
Andrew Weil
Every weekend I work on ideas born and killed during the day,
usually by lack of time, money, cojones and the will to experiment.
Yeap, perhaps I don’t get out much, but life's like a box of chocolate,
sometimes you need to think outside that sweet box 
and isn’t “think” the half of “get”.
The project I worked on, was in need of fonts, not illustrations and
no offence to all fontmakers out there, but sometimes there’s something missing.
Fonts to me are the spine of words and letters are the muscles,
they are the powers of a "super hero". 
Actually why we don't have Sans or Serif hero?
Imagine that:
- This is NASA, you can’t do the logo in serif??? 
- O, wait, what’s that? A bird, a plane, no that’s  … THE SANS SERIF HERO !
- While you're here, we'll need the Flag of the Earth as well ;)
And in my case the heros were Ryoichi Tsunekawa the designer of BEBAS font
and Set Sail Studios a.k.a. Sam Parrett, the studio behind of SICKAMORE font. 
The ends justify the means as they say, it's was "yesterday deadline" sort of project :(
But there're no two words more harmful than: Good Job!
recommended soundtrack while scrolling
So I sharpened my Wacom and get my whateverthenameis ;)
Frank Miller kind of disorder ...
as Karma would have it, I've lost the initial work file ...
... this thumbnail is all I have left.
- And why do we fall, master Wayne?
- Getupaa :)
Karma is a bitch, but fate has great sense of humor, a midnight e-mail woke me up:
- Hey remember the screen you send us, we love it and want it!
F*ck it, I'll start from scratch...ing!
Funny or not, the midnight experiment turn into a full blown project :)
Dates, names and everything
Humm, wacko and wacom ... sound almost the same.
retina display is such a guilty pleasure
it was, wasn't it  :)
Midnight Summer experiments

Midnight Summer experiments

A midnight summer experiments and illustrations for a beach bar campaign, events, parties and everything.