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    A series of self portraits, some of them with the most simple tools and others drawn in a bit complicated way.
Self portrait series
From past & present
If you don't have any ideas, but you have a strong wish to draw, use yourself. It's always a great subject, because you can't know yourself enough. And this way is always the best to take look inside.

All pictures were made in the last few weeks exept the square pictures and the others I dig up for this post. The non-present drawings are dated for better understand. The drawings are A/5 sized. The painting is A/4. The square pictures are 20×20cm's and together they give one work.
"2012. Jan. 17."
These two pictures give one piece of work called: "Fade".
Self portrait from the last week.
A small piece from 2009. A/6.
An eching from even earlier. Maybe 2008.
The copper plate of the upper printing.
Costume design for myself as an old guy. I was a part of a performance, called "Seasons". 2007.
A near-ancient piece from the 2000's. Maybe 2005. White tempera on red paper. 
Another ancient piece for last one. 2005. Black ink and white tempera on red paper.
Thank you for watching.