Atelier Project
This project was made years ago and it was an experiment about modern printing techniques and classical artistic printing. The subject was "atelier" so that's the reason of the title. In my opinion, an atelier without an artist is just a storage of pictures and materials. They need the person to set them up, organize them to make a work of art. In my experiment, I used the modern - CMYK - color setting on a tipical etching. But I choosed to print it in separate steps - one etching - one printing step. So the details don't cover each other fully and there are different effects of the mixed colors.
BUT! First of all, I made some sketches and photos about my ideas and the place which I choosed to draw. So, the first few pictures are my ideas - some of them are used, some of them are dropped.
The very first of my sketches: the artist surrounded by his artworks.
An oil painting about an atelier, but without the artist.I decided to use a mount on my picture too,but all the other things were left behind..
One of my pictures taken in the atelier. I choosed the mount from here andI decided to draw a lot more in the background.
Another idea which was dropped, but I like this picture, so there was no question to upload.
Now, this was something, which I liked to see. Of course, I had no idea about the color mixing,but the composition was something like this.
Now, the next four pics are a "simulation" of the color layers - of course they aren't even close to the finished artwork, not even perfect monocrome pics. But I uploaded them to see, how I worked.
Step one - cyan
Step two - magenta
Step three - yellow
Step four - black
1. cyan
2. magenta
3. yellow
4. black
The last four pictures are the steps on the original print. The hardest part was to keep the paper in shape, this was just a practice, but the material gave up one place. In front of the "artist" is a glass plate, and he paints on it another atelier. Behind him, there are several other pictures and sketches about an atelier. So this picture is about an atelier, where an artist working on a picture about an atelier...
The other goal was to found new ways to make etchings, so I used oil paint on the stand in front of the artist. The oil paint wasn't dry, so when I put the printing plate in the acid, it let through  a different way. For the background texture, I used liquid ground coat, but splatted with a toothbrush. On the ground, near the artist, I used drypoint. I used "cloud-etching" on the glassy material in front of the artist.
Because of the water filled the paper before printing, the lines aren't fitting, but that doesn't matter, this gives a little style to it. By the way, because of the complicated printing, (each paper had to be printed four times) there are limited amount of printings. There are only 6 were made, one of them sold, so there are only 5 left. Each of them are a bit different because of the manual printing, but that's okay too. More inportant is, that there are no way to make new prints, because of the mixed up printing-ethcing technique. So, if someone wish to get one, ask for it...