This project serves as a comprehensive study of glyphs whereby reviving an existing font. To explore on calligraphy font, I had chosen 'Palatino' typeface designed by Hermann Zapf. I thought that calligraphy fonts are not commonly used nowadays and I felt it was interesting to learn on how to the people in the past used broad nib pens to write letters.

The revival font of Palatino, is named Calliaera whereby calli means ‘Calligraphy’ and aera means ‘giving air’. The name is based on giving calligraphy fonts a new life; giving a new fresh air to it. Designed by using my handwritting composed by broad nip pens, to give the feel of calligraphy.

Calliaera can be used as body texts on children storybooks. The typeface gives the combination of personal touch and interesting characteristics such as the hooks form at the terminal of the bowl. This compliments with illustrations on the storybooks. 
*Font studio used.
'Calliaera' being applied to fairytale story