Iko Eco - Social Business

My Responsibilities:

- Collaborate with the Iko Eco team to develop a logo and brand
- Create promotional materials and assets for Iko Eco
- Assist in development of website

Iko Eco is a social business create by Anza which aims to reduce the amount of waste within the Moshi region of Kilimanjaro. Every day, 220 tonnes of waste is produced in Moshi, with a majority of it being burnt, buried, or illegally dumped. Inappropriate disposal of such waste was cause dangerous chemicals to develop within the groundwater, soil, and air that can cause permanent damage to the liver, kidneys, and the nervous system.
An infographic for a presentation I created, detailing the different phases of Iko Eco's business model, present and future.
Phase 1 (current stage)- The virgin plastics we collect will be sold in large volumes, creating 35% profit at $65/tonne.

Phase 2 - The plastic bottles will be shredded within our recyling centre, creating $115/tonne profit. The shredded plastic will be sold to local and international buyers. As long as the quality is of high standard, there is always a market for recycled shredded plastic.

Phase 3 - The plastic will be turned into high-quality PET pellets in our recycling plant, selling at $1,300/tonne. If successful, we will be the only business producing plastic PET pellets within the East Africa region. There is a high demand for recycled pellets, particularly in China. 

Phase 4 - Our final phase is to convert the plastics into 3D printer filament which can be sold on an international basis to relevant industries, producing $13.40/KG or $13,395/tonne in profit. This will provide an excellent alternative to expensive virgin imports.

Different ways Iko Eco are collecting the waste: 

Cyclers 4 Change - Our collectors will collect plastic bottles with bikes we have provided to bring them back to the recycling centre

Pick-up service - For large businesses who will go through a lot of plastic regularly, a pick-up service will collect the large volumes of plastic in trucks.

Drop-off points - Plastic can be dumped into these bins which will be placed around the town centre of Moshi and in schools.

Buyback centre - The buyback centre will be located close to the dump. Individuals can bring their plastics to the centre and sell the for a profit on a per KG basis.

The Logo and Visual Branding

Iko Eco had to undergo rebranding as the logo was too similar to a political party within Tanzania, giving the brand a rather unintentional subliminal political message. The logo for Iko Eco represents simplicity, cleanliness, and purity, using a geometric font and only 2 colours. The leaf within the logo is proudly borrowed from the parent organisation Anza, responsible for incubating Iko Eco, to reflect their partnership and Iko Eco's determination for social change. 

The illustrations and additional assets I have created also reflects the beauty of simplistic rendering and white space, using only basic shapes and lines. The visual branding I have created has been used in a host of different media, from the typical promotional poster to hats and t-shirts.

My biggest challenge with the logo was time as I had to create something within a few hours as it was urgently required for a fundraising event. In a short amount of time, the logo and brand grew larger in audience and impact, becoming something the whole Anza team can be proud of. 

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Kili Hub, Majengo
Moshi, Tanzania
Iko Eco - Social Business

Iko Eco - Social Business

Iko Eco is a social business which aims to reduce waste within the Moshi region and change behaviour by encouraging recycling and responsible was Read More


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