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    A prototype for a showcase technology game with non commercial purpose.
Sushi Wars is a classic battleship game turn into sushi boats battle ships. This is game is a non commercial game just I had the responsability to made up and skin the dev work in order to create a showcase tech. for possible clients.
I have developed from the concept idea until the every polish detail of the final version. Which include:
Concept art/ look & feel /character and background design/ Ui design/assets & character animation.
The look and Feel I had on mind from the early begining was a mash up of pixelart and retro anime with strong accent in an expressives characters and a fade vintage colour chart...
However the U.I design is inspired on 90 s games like fatal fury.
One of the main challenges was to insist on the japanese vintage style wrapping the whole pack with japanese cultural clichés and stereotypes. The choose character gallery was clearly influenced by the select character of classics fight games like " street fighter".
The salary man is an alcoholic dude on his spare time. I try to mix the classic fighting game iddle animation making emphasis on his drunk personality.
Icons for the player choose screen
In the other hand, the rival of salary man is a cute "kawai" japanese students in order to create an strong contrast among the players.
The background aswell are a cliché of japanese typical places.
Only the first level is completely finished and playable which is the "izakaya" ot typicall japanese bar.
Here is the screen for join game rooms or create your own from a tablet or computer.
In theory, after win a certain amount of money or earn certain amounts of points you get the reward of a piece of sushi thatyou can collect .We did not have the time to implement at the final version tought.
The fight logo is clearly influenced by many fighting games.
This is the "Izakaya" stage, The traditional japanese bar where mostly men get drunk a lot and snack a bit.
I tried to introduce many elements to outline the idea of a japanese izakaya.
The ending screen after a match is an "hommage" of the omatsuri (japanese summer party) and this guy is the Hyotoko or a kind of comical character.
The tough part was to express the hyotoko dance which is very funny.
Along the fight, and after specific events there s a pop up of the character that appears in order to emphasise his reactions.
Below you can see a gameplay video of the final version of this show case.
And here a gameplay video I took for show the final version with all the elements integrated and ready to be used as a showcase tech. with a shape of a epad game.
Thanks for watching!!!