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    Hard nights is a prototype for a future indie pixel art game. Is also a practice to get more skills in the pixel art sprites and animation.
Wellcome back!
Hard nights is a game protoype I ve been developping for a while. Half for fun, half for practice some pixel art and some sprite animation. Hope some day I have time enought to make a cool zombie scroll shooter. Meanwhile I learn a lot all along the process.
Hope you like it!
Blending all sprites, animation, compo, FX and music in order to get an idea of what it could be.
What is about?
Hard nights is about survive hordes of diferent types of zombies. We are a fancy soldier finding a way to reach the next sunrise. A lot of diferent guns, a lot of diferent enemies and lots of adrenaline.
Our hero. Pixel art and sprite animation
From sketch to final art
The walking deads
Design zombies is a very funny part of the work.
A final boss
A zombie party!
A concept of a dynamic UI and a city downtown random stage.
Thanks for watching!
grrrr!!!! (Zombie moaning)