Board Game: War For Éclair
A turn-based game of War and Diplomacy
War For Éclair was a prototype board game that was conceptualised and designed for Creativity & Problem Solving module.

It is a turn-based, war game, played between 2-4 players. Each player would randomly choose one of the four unique races available, each with their own special abilities and Leaders. The four races are:

The Magi Brotherhood

The Human Queendom

The Animal Tribes

The Demon Legion

The objective of this game is to gain victory over the other players by raising an army and either conquering the other races' Capital Areas, or by fulfilling objectives designated from objective cards. Players can build an army, take over different areas in the board in a bid of supremacy and resources, and engage in battles with other players.

The gameplay is similar to Risk to a certain extent, where combat between armies depends heavily on rolls of dice, but it also integrates other elements such as the special abilities of each race, as  symbolised by their leaders, as well as effects arising from Battle Cards.

A Complete explanation could be found in the rule book.

As with any good Game, a back story was also written to strongly visualize the various aspects of the World called Éclair.
 Box Art
Cover Art

Back Cover

The Side

 Board Design
 Character Design and Nation Cards
 Each player would receive a Nation Card after they have chosen their race. These Cards would give a brief background on each race, as well as their Leader's special abilities.
 Card Designs
 There are three types of Cards that affect the Gameplay. The Battle Cards affect battles between players directly, the Event Cards affect the situation across the board(resources appear, ect), and Objective Cards gives each player another way to gain victory.
Battle Cards 1
Battle Cards 2
Event Cards 1
Event Cards 2
Objective Cards