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    Poster design to warn viewers of the upcoming series of Big Brother.
Big Brother Poster
Response to the latest series of Big Brother appearing on our televisions!
Not since the first series had I managed to ‘enjoy’ the format of shoving clashing personalities in a house for the summer, so imagine my delight when last year (2010) I heard that it was to be terminated! Fantastic I thought, we’ll never have to worry about constant updates on Facebook or Twitter about who said what to who and what they did next! Oh but I was wrong, the lovely Channel 5 (UK based) decided to take the reigns and deliver us the same drivel that we’ve seen for the last ten years.

So now that I’ve finished ranting and believe me I could go on, I decided to put pen to paper (or rather mouse to Photoshop?) and create my word of warning to all those persistent in watching people sleep until the wee hours of the morning.