On Wednesday July 15th, Kelli Anderson and Becky Simpson, the Adobe Creative Residents, visited the San Francisco office for a Working Late event. Since the residency is all about making, creating, and sharing one's work, we had the Adobe XD Make-Ready RISOgraph lab at the event for all guests to partake in the creative process. 
There were two methods of RISO print making on display. Guests could either use the Becky method, by drawing an illustration and then using Adobe Shape to capture it and send it directly to the RISO, or they could be inspired by the more hands-on approach of Kelli, by working with cut paper to collage and then scan directly on the printer. Attendees were able to create their own limited edition RISO prints to exchange and share. Check out the process and many of the prints that were created during the event.
Featured above are the two custom prints the residents worked with the RISO Make-Ready team (Talin Wadsworth & Sonja Hernandez) to make as a giveaways for the evening. 
Creative Residency RISO printing