Kelli Anderson's pop-up paper speaker
Thursday November 12th, a group of Fast Company conference attendees were among the first people to take an inside peek at Adobe’s new creative studio space in New York. They joined design leaders and luminary artists for an immersive, hands-on session that turned their phone into a canvas for creativity. They learned how to unlock creative thinking by using their phone’s camera to transform their work with new color palettes, shapes, brushes, and a few surprises along the way. They met in the studio and then ventured outside for a walk led by David Macy and Matthew Richmond, to capture the neighborhood and turn everyday urban sites, architecture, signs, and objects into artistic assets. When they returned to the studio they were able to print their designs onto one of Kelli's paper pop-ups, a functional speaker compatible with mobiles devices.
Check out the images below to see their complete process.
Left to right: Talin Wadsworth, Adobe lead product designer, David Macy, Adobe marketing lead, Kelli Anderson, Adobe Creative Resident
To kick things off, workshop attendees downloaded Adobe Capture to their mobile devices. With the app in hand, they were taken on a guided walk led by David and Matthew around the neighborhood outside the Adobe studio. They were instructed to look for visuals they could photograph with Adobe Capture, which could then be turned into art work.
Once all the attendees returned from capturing images outdoors, they regrouped in Adobe's studio to receive instructions on the next steps. Talin and Pollyanna walked everyone through the process of editing a Capture image in Illustrator and explained the aspects of color and line to consider when printing with a RISOgraph printer.
When people finished editing their files, they sent them to Talin for printing with the RISOgraph printer.
On the wall (In the image above) you can see some sample prints Talin ran as examples for attendees.
With printed designs in hand and instructions from Kelli, participants began the speaker assemblage process. Soon they would have their own personalized lo-fi paper pop-up speaker. Kelli walked around and provided one-on-one assistance with people as they learned the ins and outs of paper construction, to ensure everyone left with a speaker they were proud of.
At the end of the workshop, everyone had a fully functional paper speaker. If you'd like one of your own, you can purchase Kelli's book The Book is A Planetarium, which is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released in March of 2016.
Photo credit Matthew Richmond and Kelli Anderson.
Opening paragraph borrowed from Fast Company's event page.
Kelli Anderson's pop-up paper speaker