Series of furniture made of identical parts
Working on the L-Stool design, I was amazed of how many variations of furniture I can make using the same part.

Exploring this idea I created a L-Series, based on repetition of the elements. Additional supportive or decorative parts can be added to change the function and look.

It is fully customizable and the user can create multiple configurations of the piece. The parts can be placed in same or opposite directions, moved along the base, flipped over, etc. This is + materials combination create an unforgettable experience with the object.
L-Stool is a first piece or the L-Series (see Portfolio).
The parts woven together create a lightweight yet strong unique seat.
The parts nesting on the base placed at the same side.
The parts are placed in opposite directions.
The parts placed in opposite directions nesting on the base leg. Two addition parts are added for extra support, flat top surface and fun look. The legs made of different materials contrast and compliment each other.
The parts placed around.
Depends of the shape of the supportive element it creates a fun pattern.
Can be used in public places as parks and bus stops.
The parts placed next to each other create a woven pattern.
Two parts cut and attached together. It creates a symmetrical wider element.

Two parts cut and attached together closer. It creates a symmetrical narrow element.
L-Stool can be used as a planter stand.
Flipped over, it can function as a trash-can. The plastic bag is placed inside and the tops of the legs hold the edges of the bag.
One piece can be turned into a table lamp with additional base.