architecture, interior, furniture
The design students stay in school 24/7. They study, sketch, rest, eat and sleep there. sTream is a project, based on my own experience, observation and the students feedback. I wanted to express my creativity and breathe new life into an existing open computer lab space improving its functionality and visual comfort.

The goal is to create a contemporary, light and airy workspace.
All the furniture pieces are very simple yet functional with a high attention to the details. Each element of the environment is very much user driven. The desk, chair, stool and divider compliment each other and create a unified group. To promote interaction and communication amongst students and give them privacy I designed a multifunctional mobile space divider/lamp that can be customized depends of their needs. The wall design is sculptural yet functional. It impresses visually and works both as the rest area and display shelf. The floor and ceiling lighting continues the theme and tight all the workspace together.
Elegant and intelligent use of the space, a blend of static and dynamic lines and color accents are the key elements for the design.