Adobe MAX is a celebration of creativity, where people can showcase their talent, learn new skills and techniques, inspire or get inspired. 
For kicks, every year we give industry heavyweights a simple design objective, then stand back and let them run with it. For 2015 we invited four designers to make the MAX logo their own. We created a temporary studio in a sunken staircase of Adobe’s iconic San Francisco offices and built a freestanding wall with a 3D MAX logo attached to it. It was up to each artist to transform the logo any way they saw fit — paint, build, draw, hack, project, whatever. The artists got the space for as long as it took them to complete their interpretation. 
Here’s what they came up with.
It all started with a blank slate.
Dave Kinsey went first.
Watch the time-lapse.
Leandro Senna came next and brought a friend.
Watch the time-lapse.
Kiel Johnson then moved in for a week.
Watch the time-lapse.
JUCO (Julia and Cody) created last, but not least.
Watch the animated gif.
Watch the time-lapse.
Learn more about MAX and consider joining us October 3–7 in Los Angeles, where you can see all four 15’x 8’ walls in person.
Adobe MAX 2015