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    A whirlwind journey for an inspiring brand. Designers and writers (who've never met) were paired in teams of two and prepared a pitch for FEED in… Read More
    A whirlwind journey for an inspiring brand. Designers and writers (who've never met) were paired in teams of two and prepared a pitch for FEED in three days. All while being filmed at every turn. Then, pitch it, win it, jump right into production. An insane experience. An incredibly rewarding one, as well. Watch the challenge: http://create.adobe.com/feed/index.html Check it out. Read Less
Every creative should have the opportunity to work on something as noble and meaningful as FEED. It nourishes the soul, stimulates the mind, keeps the heart in check. Now, couple that with being on mic, on camera, on the spot, and you have an experience that opens glorious new doors of thinking. 
Scary? Sure. But hell, we tackle fear every single day, right? That's how we get to the good stuff. The work that inspires. That moves. That has genuine meaning. Authentic resonance. If the opportunity comes along to jump way the hell out of your comfort zone ... take it. You won't be dissapointed. So, here's the first chapter of a phenomenal little trip.
Alejandro & Matt
First thing's first
When you show up to a "shoot," and you know the cameras are on you. Don't freak out. Just eat a bagel.
They (Adobe) paired us up in teams
We'd never met. Who the f*ck is this guy? Can my partner bring it? What's this guy's deal? Weird thing. That never popped up. We talked shop, shot the sh*t, gained an understanding. It doesn't take long for folks who've been doing this for awhile. And for those who haven't, listen to your gut. Rely on your sense of trust. We did. And hell, trust goes a long way in conquering impossible timelines. So .. Matt on the left. Alejandro on the right.
We met Lauren
Met the team. Started getting the FEED vibe. Oh yeah, Lauren, as in Lauren Bush Lauen. FEED is her brain child. The backstory is pretty inspiring. You should take a moment to check it out: https://www.feedprojects.com/our-giving
Did you check out the FEED goodness? Yes? No? If not, do it. If so, good on you.
Ok, on with the story: We were briefed. Problem was, for two creatives who have been doing this for a fair amount of time, we realized that the "brief" was really more of a situational background. No insight. No strategy. So what do you do? Well, you ask questions, questions, questions, questions. And then you ask a few more. In lieu of an insight or a creative strategy, do your best to uncover the hidden challenge, the real problem to overcome.
FEED HQ A true source of inspiration
If you have the opportunity, always spend time on your "client's" turf. If you dont have the opportunity, insist upon it. What they do, where they do it, how they do it, will radically change how you bring it to life. 
Down to brass tacks
Time to connect the dots. Before you dig into execution, dive into strategy. This isn't about "what" you're doing. It's about "why" you're doing it. Why does it matter? Why does your audience really give a sh*t? Start there, then launch the creative rocket into the land of executions.
Thinking. Discussion. Debate. It all adds up to collaboration.
Once you land on a strategic direction, have  solid understanding of the probloem you're solving, open as many doors
as you can. 
Open the doors. Then burn the midnight oil. Creativity is work. Hard f*cking work.
So sharpen your pencil and get to it. 
Ahhhhh, the insight?
Well, perhaps not an insight in the planner's view of the world. Nonetheless, this seemingly obvious question turned out to be an important one to answer. Not the demographics. We had that. And then some. We wanted to know WHY? Why does FEED really matter to our audience? And for that matter, what is the real story behind our audience? Beyond the obvious demographics. What makes her tick? Again, why does FEED matter? Our feeling at this point was ... answer that simple but crucial question, more to the point, have a clear point of view regarding the answer ... and we just might have a real solution.
REAL being the key word.  
The pitch. Two days to cook up. A world of trust to engender. We got there. And while the executions were clunky, they needed refinement, we believed wholeheartedly in our solution. And that belief engenders trust. That trust wins pitches. Also, we just had fun wiith it. Work your ass off. But enjoy the ride. And in the process, share that joy, that light-heartedness and fun with your "client." They'll enjoy the ride. More importantly, the fun you're having will clearly manifest in the work. If you have fun creating it, your audience will have fun experiencing it.
Pitch /
INSIGHT: The FEED girl is real. Not a glorified version of real. Share her jouney, no matter how simple the journey may seem.
Pitch //
The second campaign. At least one option is a requirement. Yes, have a point of view and a recommendation. But also listen closely to your "client's" needs and provide them optionns accordingly. This campaign was all about addressing their need for a fashion forward brand that was flexible, nimble, and affordable. Also, had to uphold the essence of the brand: Doing immense good is simple and fashionable. An unlikely combination. But entirely true, nonetheless. And spreading the word could be accomplished with on-point messaging ... and yes ... stock photography.
The cameras were rolling throughout the 7-day Adobe & FEED Make It Challenge.
Check out the series and see how it all plays out.
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