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  • This Illustration was created for the Evokeone exhibit "Evoke III".  Beginning with a freehand sketch we were able to build the lettering up and create a unique, fun and playful graffiti style illustration.   We wanted to keep it very simple in style and based around nature.  
  • Creative Process!
  • As you see, a basic white canvas was set up with a very basic lettering style outline started.
  • Once the lettering style was established the word was filled in with some nice wood grain and some leaves for necessary elements.
  • Small dots grouped together added nice texture behind the word and some minor brush settings allowed more dots to appear to be moving or falling adding action to the work.
  • To compliment the piece we added clouds to soften the space and continue building up the nature theme.  Additionally tree limbs were painted in and allowed more depth to the work.
  • Definition was added to the limbs as well as some color to the bg to compliment the tree color and nature feel.

  • Finally, we added a gradient, some noise to create a nice rich texture as well as some animals to the trees to complete the nature theme and look we wanted.
  • A close up showing the detail of the wood texture, and the other elements.
  • A close up showing the detail of the clouds, leaves and letters as well as one of the animals.
  • Enjoy this piece as well as the rest of the exhibit!

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