A long time in the making, Forever represents the final chapter in the Evoke story. Evoke artists, photographers and musicians, new and old came together to produce this last exhibition.
We felt it would be only fitting to send the group off with a bang, and so we set out to craft one final exhibition and a commemorative site to house it.
The Adventure is Out There by Daniel Tatarinow
And then Nothing by Kent Haley
Babel by Joshua Zeller
Bad Trip by Jaime Yusingbo and Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Broken Forever by Parker Gibson
EVOL by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Come Home Now by Gianluigi Di Giacomo
Eternal by Ben White
Everlast by the Fleeting by Dragoon
EVK by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Feelings by Joshua Zeiler
Float by Parker Gibson
Fukurou by Mark Paje
Glaxy Zero by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Infinity by Alastair Temple
Jigoku by Kent Haley
La Mort by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Mystic Coeurl by Jaime Yusingbo
Nissim by Parker Gibson
Nowhere Land by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Ophion and Nuwa by Kent Haley
Pop World by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Remain by Ben White
Rider by Jaime Yusingbo
Street Series I: Ruintown by James Merrill
Street Series II: Station North by James Merrill
Street Series III: Canton Main Line by James Merrill
Street Series IV: Lexington Ghetto by James Merrill
Street Series V: Wyman Park by James Merrill
The Bull Dreams of Elsewhere by Kent Haley
The Key To Peace Forever by Parker Gibson
The Penthouse by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
THe Poltergeist and the River Movements by Kent Haley
Twilight of the Summer by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Untitled I by Frieder Jan Moerman
Untitled II by Frieder Jan Moerman
Waiting for the Afterglow by Alejandro Soto Martinessi
Warschauser Strasse by Daniel Kong
Yum Yum Cult by Parker Gibson