Typographic Process 1
You wouldn't know it but,
This is an autobiographical poster that culminates my studies in a Typography 1 class.

I approached this poster as an experimental film in four scenarios, or four acts that represent my personal process and evolution throughout this class, as I confronted each assignment.

The first part is the background which follows a 3 x 4 in. grid. It's the most mechanical because it deals with a translation of forms. It shows the transformation of an idea or concept from its non-physical state to a physical, visible, tangible form through the method of sketching. It also shows the process of developing that idea, similar to the process of developing film, in the sense that although there are established methods to achieve a desired effect, I'm more interested in the experimentation that occurs in the darkroom or editing room. This is the  beginning of something that could be summarized as an idea unaware of its own potential.

The second scenario is my hand holding cast metal letters and an anatomy model. It's the most human part because it entails taking action, the act of building or destroying something; creatively. I chose the characters "T", "p" and "1" because they resemble tools for production, such as a hammer, an axe, and a chisel, as well as, the title of our class "Type 1". Personally, they stand for "Typographic Process 1" which has been a focus of our class as well as the main part of my design process. Whether the process happens rapidly or not, it's during this stage where I begin to notice the potential in my own project.

The third part consist of the action represented by the anatomy model and emphasized by the dramatic lighting. It's the most personal because it deals with my own struggle to produce something that avoids being banal by being loyal to its purpose. It's also the most physical, the lighting reveals the type as a tool, and puts an emphasis on the action of the anatomy model. It's a test of endurance in which I experiment, research, and fall in love with an idea until I'm confident enough to destroy it. The anatomy model represents me, as I gain an identity; and my project, as it begins to take shape through the process. I become "the constructor".

The fourth part, is my portrait as a ghost, a god-like translucent figure that oversees everything. This is the most psychological part because it represents the unconscious mind that is always working, torturing me through the process and the approaching deadline. Constantly seeking to excrete the mundane, filtering out the impurities and encouraging constant revisions until the point of desperation. An enormous crisis occurs in which the idea mutates and adopts a new form that may or may not be even related to its original or previous abortions.

The poster emphasizes the process, the technique, the mechanical, the human, the physical and the psychological as I, as Nietzsche would say, practice Typography with a hammer. But most important, I'm trying to show the physical aspect of my process, evoking the suffering and the glory or shaping an idea to my will, exploiting its potential, and giving birth to something if not new, at least relevant.
18 x 24 in Typographic Process 1 Poster
Close-up pf printed poster