Behance Malaysia x KLDW2011
Motion by Joey Faizal Music by Zid and St. Germain

Behance Malaysia x KLDW2011Art Montage - What Drives Them To Be Creative

16 Malaysian artists participated in KL Design Week 2011. 
Their works were displayed at Dutamas Solaris Kuala Lumpur.

-Joey Faizal​​​​​​​
Cospurikura by Zid
A City Within A City by Hwei Lin
Bloom by Nagasari
Olifant  by Shaqyl
Experimental by Su San
Another Side of The Star by Izam
Adventure by Tiong Chu Poh
 Fantasia Salju by Muid Latif
Preparations  /  Planning
With 2 weeks left til KLDW2011, The Malaysian Behancers meet up to discuss and tackle the more practical exhibition challenges. 
Thanks to UrbanVillage for being the coolest host for the KLDW2011 planning. Delicious food too.
The Behance Malaysia KLDW2011 Crew
Photos courtesy of:
-Muid Latif
-Zam Nayan
-Debbie Liew
-Prakash Daniel

Special Thanks to those who helped set up and man the booth with us. Too many to name but you know who you are. Was great hanging out and making new friends. Love you all. Hope to collaborate again in the future.

-Joey F
Behance Malaysia x KLDW2011