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    A collection of 10 projects made for the Graphic Programs' course during the first IED's Milan year.
Graphic Programs' course project
...made during the #1st year at IED Milan
Theacher gave us a brief asking for 10 different things to do, from image collage to Photoshop work... this is my final project!

10 different pics with something in common: subject, color or location and the fact that they give me some emotions.

A vintage-looking business card made with natural wood, for a shop who sells vintage toys.

A rebus game based on predefined Windows fonts, used to write the solutions!


28/30/31 bottles stamped on plastified cardboard with real Heineken caps applied on. Under every cap is hidden the day's number. The "everyday's good" slogan refers to beer's adverting one "sounds good".

A everyday-use product, that is what I wanted to customize for this brief. Zero ideas. Then I opened the fridge to take the milk for breakfast and illumination came. Here comes the Milky Fridge!

Italian TV shows are like a zoo, made by people that from golden TV studios' cages races for those who shout the most and gives vent to his worst instincts... from that the idea, a little bit controversial, to include TV character's voices in the "see 'n say" kids game, instead of animals... so kids will get used from now to what they will suffer when older!

Macbook personalization with removable stickers, with two subjects: first one represents Chiquita's logo: I was eating a banana in front of my computer and looking at fruit's label, inspiration came! A snack was never more providential! The second one represents the famous William Tell's scene... the phrase in in english because it "sounds" better than in italian!

Ice cream, as well as a variety of flavors, comes in a wide range of colors: from this concept came the idea for Pantone's project.

The inspiration for this project came after reading an article on Focus which was talking about the discovering of water on the moon. From there, in addition of the desire of using something existing and spherical to give a "tangible" sense to the packaging's shape, came the concept of the lunar water bottle... imagining about a future colonization and capitalisation of our satellite's resources by humans.

A definitely vintage work portfolio. Projects are impressed on a film inserted in a special card (Stereocard) and visible in 3D through the True Vue, an instruments with internal illumination very popular until the 60s: at that time it was used to see cartoons and famous films adapted for this device.