Heinz Hot ketchup: Everything turns hotter

It's getting hot in here! :)
This campaign came out from a brief given to us during the Art Direction course, at IED Milan's 2nd year.
First of all Laura (my teammate) and I thought about the synonyms of the word "hot", given in the product name. The first words that came to mind were all related to burning... naaaa! After a wile "spicy" comes out: this word was the turning point. We both immeditely decided to give the campaign a "spicy" (intended as you can see below...) feeling: and at this point the brainstorming became funny, because we started thinking in another, unusual, not-so-polite way! :) 
Double paged campaign:
For another IED course, "Progettazione Art 2: web" we had to think about a way to promote a product from one of our campaigns, through a website, a guerrilla and a social profile. I choose Heinz campaign. For the web-sided aspect I thought about a "viral video challenge": here are two possible screenshots from Youtube and Facebook and the web banner to promote the initiative.