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    An illustration combating the use of child labor in cotton picking fields.
Cotton & Child Labor
Every year in Uzbekistan 1.5 million children are forced from schools into the fields to pick cotton. Students as young as 10 are expected to pick 60 -110 pounds of cotton a day and face fines, physical punishment or expulsion from school if they fall short.

 Process & Concept
After watching a movie called "White Gold" I've always had a strong abhorance to the fact that our product dont actually say where the material to make the products is from. Yes, it may be made in China, or even the U.S., but the poor and marginal people of the 3rd world are slaving to make those unbelievable prices of Wal-Mart come true. When given the assignment of creating a social awareness poster, I almost immediately turned towards the subject of "White Gold", which is the use of child labor in Uzbekistan.

The project itself had certain requirements. The poster itself was supposed to be centered around typography was to be completely hand drawn.