Pigment Magazine
This project was done over the entire fall semester of my junior year at Cornish College of the Arts. The project itself consisted of three separate parts of magazine publication. Company branding, the magazine itself and the media kit for advertisers.
All ink elements in the letter head, envelope and business cards were made by hand and scanned into the digital format.
Our Creative Brief:  
We are Pigment. Our bold design grabs your attention with vibrant photos and a knowledgeable voice into arts. Covering gallery shows to street art we pass our passion and understanding on to the public. Pigment’s progressive thinking challenges the mainstream to reveal a side of the art world you may not have seen before. Our readers, artist and enthusiast alike, love the monthly deliverance of insider articles, upcoming events, and brilliant photo galleries. Pigment Magazine exposes the arts, and passes on our inspiration to you.
 Company Letter head, Envelope, & Business Cards
 Letter head with Pigment's creative brief.
 Envelope and Business Cards
The Magazine
 68 pages.
The cover of Pigment's first issue. The cover features a collage of stock images, and of stickers from all over the world that I own.
 Contents Page
 Minor Article Layout
 Feature Article
 Detail Shot
Typographic Layout
 Detail Shot
 Final Feature Article Page
 Detail Shot
Artist Feature Layout
Detail Shot
 Artist Interview
Detail Shot
 Inside the Interview
Detail Shot
Final Interview Page
Contact Us & Our Next Issue
Although everything in this project was layout out and arranged by me, all articles and basically all photos were gathered from the internet, or scanned from books that I either own or got from the library. As this is a school project, and I make no profit what-so ever, it is legal for me to do so, but that does not mean I will not give credit where credit is due. For this purpose, and the purposes of education and inspiration I would like to share those resources with you. Please check them out if you are interested. Everyone and everything on this list is quite amazing and has inspired me in its' own way.

Photographers & Artists on Flickr:
Slightly North: 
Left Coast Letters': 
Nuclear Winter:

Other Photographers:

Martha Cooper: 
Subway Art: By Martha Cooper:
Freight Train Graffiti: By Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, & Ian Sattler:
Graffiti Kings: By Jack Stewart:

The Media Kit
12 pages
A media kit made for readers and potencial advertisers. 

Actual pictures of this kit shall be coming shortly as the physical copy is not im my possession at this time.
Cover Page
 Ad Costs and Specifications
Reader Statistics
Pigments Interactive App