+27 Exhibition

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  • +27 Exhibition
    Right after finishing our logo, we booked a space to have our first exhibition. We booked +27 Café in Pretoria and generated various works showing some of our skills and style. Works varied from being larger and highly detailed to small and silly. The overall personality of the works was sarcastic, and happy.
    Here are some photo’s from the opening night.
  • Landscapes
    This series of 8 landscapes are different scenes from above, on and below the ground and are built up out of very small, yet highly detailed objects and moments.
  • The Many sides of a triangle
    This piece was a collection of small works, each of them being a triangle-play-on-words, like Cry-angle, Fly-angle, Sky-angle, Tri-angulate, High-angle and Ply-angle.
  • Boxframed works
    These pieces were constructed to be visually 3-dimensional in the way that the different layers interacted with each other.  One of us would do an illustration, then pass to the other to do a layer that would go on top. The top layer was then produced as a vinyl sticker that was applied on the glass of the frame. Because of the space between the top and bottom layer, a middle shadow-layer formed, creating more dimension