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Marriage proposal via Board Game
The Story of Us.

So recently I was commissioned to illustrate a custom board game for what I thought was one of the
most original and romantic marriage proposals ever. The phone call went something like this: “So, I
want to ask her to marry me, and I want to design a board game to do it. Will you help me?” The now
Groom went on to tell me all about the game he designed and briefed me on what he had in mind.
This is what I did...​​​​​​​
The Packaging.

The packaging was not only meant to hold the game and keep it safe, but also as a way to display the
game as an artwork. Then when hung up on a wall, all the cards and pieces are beautifully displayed.
Game Board

Each area of the game board represents a significant time in the couple's history together. The details
of which I will not share, but they represent happy times and tough times. The journey through their
tale together ends in the middle of the board at the Spider King's mountain lair.
Cards and Game Pieces

The Action/Distraction cards, are references to the couple's idiosyncrasies; things like her inability to
escape the charms of any and every puppy that crosses her path, her fondness for sour worms and
her passion for creativity. Other cards reference inside jokes and intimate details that would mean
nothing to anyone else but them. The game pieces represent objects or events particularly significant
to the couple. The characters are the couple themselves as if they were real weapon wielding fantasy
folk. A drum-playing, axe-wielding bard and his hopefully soon to be fiancé, the fierce archer warrior
woman. She also got her very own spirit animal, the Llama.
Game Cards
Game Pieces
Rule Book
The Proposal

Right at the end of the game she had to battle the Spider King and rescue the Bard, who had been
kidnapped earlier in the game. Upon her arrival at his mountain lair she realized she had just moments
to defeat the evil King using the arsenal of magical objects she had collected on the way. And as she
stood outside the mountain lair with her trusty spirit animal by her side, the Bard, having witnessed
her bravery and triumph over all the obstacles, had only one question to ask. She lifted the little
mountain peak and there it was...

Will you marry me?
She said yes of course, and now I get to design the couple's wedding stationery! Yay!
Thanks for looking.

Update: I am busy on another board game, so give me a follow if you would like to see that one also.
Marriage proposal via Board Game


Marriage proposal via Board Game