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    Motorola by The Brand Union London
Bringing‘seamless mobility’ to life
In a sector as highly competitive as telecoms, a distinctive andengaging retail and brand experience is critical in building a relationshipwith consumers. As such, we were approached by Motorola to create a globalstrategy and creative solution for the Motorola retail experience. We needed toreflect the very the essence of Motorola and its products, to develop a uniquebrand experience that would appeal to customers in diverse geographicalmarkets, and create a bond with Motorola’s ‘seamless mobility’ message. It wasvital that we found a solution that was simple and flexible enough to adapt forlocal markets, size of store and level of investment.
Harnessing‘paradox’ to deliver the Motorola retail experience
The creative solutionfocused on one key insight – that Motorola’s handset designs set the brandapart in consumers’ eyes. We were inspired by the iconic designs such as theRazr and the Pebl, and the inherent visual contrasts in these phones – hardedges but soft lines. By using this ‘power of paradox’ at its core, the newretail space provides an environment that reflects and reinforces Motorola’sunique and innovative range of handsets and accessories. The retail experience nowbrings ‘seamless mobility’ to life by showing customers how Motorola productswork together to make life easier.