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    Shazam redesign by Brand Union New York
Integrating strategy, positioning, and brand identity helped move Shazam beyond music recognition by empowering their customers. They can now discover, experience, and share content they’re passionate about.
The brief
By 2011, Shazam had achieved great success as the most downloaded iOS app of all time.
While this gave the brand a strong foundation to build on, it was in danger of losing relevance on multiple fronts. They faced increased competition in the audio/content discovery space and a limiting pricing system was pushing users seeking free content to their direct competitors, increasing clutter in the social media space.
Shazam wanted to evolve their business strategy and move their brand forward by taking the core elements of the app beyond tagging music. Ideally, they would become the “go to” application for custom content — linking customers to exclusives via television shows, commercials, movies, sporting events, and other media.
What we did
Meeting Shazam’s business strategy shift required a three-pronged approach:
Extensive strategic research assessed the category and consumer experience. A category audit, primary research study, and segmentation study yielded insights into customer identities, perspectives and behaviours. Our findings influenced Shazam’s reappraisal of their customers’ habits - the way in which they use their phones - and the way in which Shazam might better engage with them. Today, phones are used for broader purposes - connecting with others, learning more about TV and movies, finding deals.
Next we helped evolve the Shazam positioning and messaging strategy from a one-time “wow” experience to a richer, more integrated one.
Finally, we revamped their visual identity system, introducing a secondary graphic to connect the range of touch points that represent the Shazam brand experience. Redrawing the iconic “S” symbol and expanding the colour palette gave the logo lockup more impact for broadcast and digital apps.
The impact
In February 2012 the new logo launched globally before an audience of over 111 million people during Super Bowl XLVI. Shazam appeared on Madonna’s halftime show and was shown in partner advertising for one-third of all Super Bowl commercials, giving extensive exposure to the app’s new identity.
“The Super Bowl was our first major live network television event where we enabled people to interact with all aspects of the game, including the ads and the spectacular halftime show,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO. “Knowing the size of the Super Bowl audience, we had high expectations for how many people would be engaged during the event and with the numbers in the millions, we were blown away.”
Today, the brand continues to grow its partnerships in television programming, advertising, radio, and of course, music.