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    Barebones analytics feature that takes the most wanted user behavior data for Readz users and shows it in a quick glance with no set up.
Because Google Analytics takes time to set up and is overkill for most of our customers, we decided to introduce a barebones analytics feature that would focus on what customers want to see quickly and easily.

This is not a replacement for a full featured Analytics and/or Report Building tool, and we will continue to support integration with other common tools, but this is to help people without the time or energy to set up those more full-featured tools. When people ask for more insights, we will add them accordingly. 
Actual Implementation of graphs using OpenGraph API from Google, with changes to hover and dates/times displayed on x-axis, as well as showing the time in hours, minutes, seconds to clear up confusion.
Sketch Layout Evolution
Final layout sketch made/approved with CEO and Head Developer before creating mock in Illustrator and after finding out we could not implement live data from Google Analytics because it was invite only/beta.