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    Various UX / UI Improvements to the Readz Editor and Reader Platforms.
While at Readz, I have been given the responsibilities of the UX / UI Designer position on top of my old responsibilities. Most of the work involves quick mockups and fixes to satisfy customer issues and increase efficiency with the Readz platform. For these I just take screenshots of the current product and then make changes on top of it, following the same general style and leaving notes if things are completely new. I post the screenshots to their github issue and meet with developers and higher-ups, make any needed changes, then supply more exact measurements, and assets. After that, fine-tuning usually occurs with the developer and I sitting at the same computer.
External Link Iframe Bar Redesign
Before redesign of external link iframe.
After redesign of external link iframe - tablet. Close/Launch Buttons replaced with proper fitting icons, which make more sense for international customers, and follow in the same style of the rest of the reader UI.
After redesign of external link iframe - phone.
Guides Functionality in Readz Editor
New Guides/Ruler added to top and left of working area
Adding Copy/Paste Template Capabilities to Themes Tab
Theme tab before adding new feature.
Adding ability to copy and paste templates across Themes and Devices.
Notes of further behaviors with copy/paste function.