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    DVD Packaging for Playtime.
DVD Packaging
Playtime, Un Film de Jacques Tati
In our final project, we created a new dvd package for the Criterion collection’s new eclipse line that focuses on producing budget-priced, high quality editions of hard-to-find films for a younger audience. We were given five different films to choose from including: Playtime, Badlands, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, The Ascent, and The Baron of Arizona. We focused on uncovering connections in our concepts for the packaging. We also wanted to bring in elements of the movie into the design without giving too much information away. The dvd covers were made completely by hand with limited use of photography.

I chose Playtime, a film by Jacques Tati, and took notes of elements and reoccuring icons in the movie. I watched the movie with a friend and she agreed to help take notes with me, we came up with very similar notes. At the beginning of the project, I aimed for a straightforward design of the movie, with the cubicles and straight computerized lines, and ended up with a concept that was not expected. Please continue to view the process work needed for this project.

Process Notebook
Back, Front, Left Interior Flap
Left interior, Middle, Right Interior
DVD Insert Booklet
Movie Poster