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    Advocacy posters for saving the Arctic from oil drilling.

In the past 30 years, the Arctic has lost 35% of its sea ice. As the ice melts, companies are moving forward to exploit natural resources and potentially harm the already endangered environment. The United States rely heavily on fossil fuels, which are un-renewable. Offshore drilling operations are known to produce various forms of pollution that are detrimental to our environment. This is a serious environmental problem because it directly impacts our marine life, other wild life, and our own lives. The amount of oil drilled from the Arctic would only fuel America for about three years. Drilling oil and spilling it could jeopardize the economy and lose jobs, tourism, disrupt the fishing industry.


Greenpeace defends in its statutes direct action and pacific resistance against all types of actions that can harm the environment, natural resources and human rights. Their goal is to expose environmental criminals, and to challenge government and corporations when they fail to live up to their mandate to safeguard our environment and our future.


As the Arctic sea ice cover continues to melt, the exploit of fossil fuels are being coveted by the insatiable needs of large corporations despite the likelihood of another catastrophic oil spill. This is a serious environmental problem because it directly impacts our marine life, our environment, and our own lives. By banning the oil rush in the pristine ecosystem of the Arctic, we diminish risks and support clean energy. This poster targets college students ages 20-30 and urges them to join Greenpeace in preventing unnecessary damages and long-lasting negative effects from oil drilling in the Arctic by going to www.savethearctic.org to support, donate, or spread awareness.
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