IN THE MAMBOURG is a new project about short visual series in heart of action with fans of the Royal Charleroi Sporting Club where I take place almost every end of week. More than a passion for many of us, it turns to joy and emotion at every whistle for 90 minutes. After ten long years under the dictatorship of the director against ultras fans. A new era is starting with a new director, from our district, " a local guy ". Fans begin to return in large numbers inside this emblematic place of the city of Charleroi, Le Mambourg.
After 21 years, we just earned a seat to try to qualify for the Europa League, a new chapter begins ..

This song was created by fans to show players how much we wanted to go in Europa League. 
That has now been done through the passion and energy released by all the actors of this club. 
The city's anthem, Pays de Charleroi. Personally, this is the most emotional chant you can hear during a match. Scarves brandishing in the air, a deep breath, close your eyes and let your heart sing.