FRESH Graphic Design Senior Show
FRESH was a graphic design Senior Show, featuring the work of 34 senior undergraduates from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. These FRESH graduates self-organized an exhibition of their best portfolio work.
The design of FRESH was inspired by vintage detergent products to symbolize this new transition from new to old.
The work was featured in a exhibition center, adjacent to the Wattis Institute in San Francisco, California.
Screenprinted · 18"× 24"
Tote Bags
Canvas · 14"× 14"
Quarter Hour Nightmare by Kyohei Kobayashi · Geriaction by Sarah King · Merica by Giano Pecchenino
Literary Journey by An Nguyen
Packaging 4 by Kevin Lo · New Dad by Cynthia Mao · The Bold Kiwi by Kisa Sato · Nest by Tiffany Yoh · Purgatory by Kisa Sato · Fiero by Brenna Layne
2014 Annual Fashion Show by Kevin Lo
Graphics Under the Skies by Ben Wasserman, World of Vinyl Toys by Tiffany Yoh, Glance Magazine by Jack Koloskus and Lisa Ferkel, White and Black by Jon Hioki, History of Super Mario by Kyohei Kobayashi, POPOS by Matthew Lew, Sketchbook by UNKNOWN.
Unlikely Symphonies by John Provencher · Viva Los Muertos by Tyson Stryg · WTF2 by Sarah Kim, Jack Koloskus and Matthew Lew
The Crew
Lead Organizers

Matt Lew
An Nguyen
Lead Curator
Sarah Kim

John Provencher
Fundraising Guru
 Suwanna Ruayrinsaowarot
Web Design
Jack Koloskus
Social Media Guru
Brenna Layne
Event Manager
Amy Huang
Furniture Design
Joshua Chan
Exhibition Mentor
Adam Machacek
Graphic Design Program Manager
Vikki del Rosario
Graphic Design Chair
Rachel Burger
FRESH — Graphic Design Senior Show