Snappy Dresser
The future wardrobe
Snappy Dresser is a new generation smart home appliance that rejects the idea of a wardrobe as a mere piece of furniture. This particular concept infuses the traditional wardrobe with a new level of interactivity via cutting edge technology that offers a range of functions.

The most common problem with people is that they generally don’t have a preset notion of what they're going to wear to a particular occasion. Most of us simply stand in front of our wardrobes and eye our entire collection of clothes and pick random numbers. This leads to all kinds of outfit catastrophes which we don’t realize until it’s too late.

Outfit suggestion

Snappy Dresser uses a system based on common sense reasoning that matches clothes styles and functions with the concepts needed for the context. The system returns suggestions for complete outfits and the selected outfit is recorded as the user's feedback to the system's recommendation for a particular occasion. For instance a set of a set of clothes that the user initially selected for swimming will be matched to the activity and they will be suggested the next time the user requires costumes for swimming. The system makes it possible for users to make up outfits through selection or by getting feedback from friends.

For this feature Snappy Dresser utilizes Remote Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to recognize the clothes that are inside and uses information carried in the tags such as brand, material, etc to be able to suggest outfits to the users.
Virtual rehearsing of clothes
One of the wardrobe's (key) features will be the virtual rehearsing of clothes. The user will have the ability to see how will he/she look with the clothes on without having to actually wear them. This means that the user will be able to try many combinations of clothes without having to take each cloth out of the wardrobe try it on and then fold it back as it was and put it inside the wardrobe.

For this feature Snappy Dresser uses input from 3D Scanners for the users' body measurements and then as a display a 3D Screen embedded in one of the wardrobe's doors.Remote managementWith the help of the internet and information technology all the special features the wardrobe has to offer can be available to the user from any place at any time.

As the web becomes more and more social the wardrobe can help you take feedback and advice from your friends for selected outfits or new garment acquisitions.

Shopping Assistant
Cross check something you are interested in buying with clothes you already have to create perfect combinations.