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    display concept for Frank Gehry watch by FOSSIL.
Frank Gehry | digital display
The concept for Gehry's display started with concepts for a curved digital display for the main FOSSIL line.

The technology was not standard digital technology and the resulting displays had a chalkboard-grey color to them...so I thought: "What if we just made a display that looked like writing on a chalkboard?". The resulting display was shown to Gehry and he wanted it for his line. We then suggested that we use his handwriting (this is why all his watches have handwriting for the font).

The display is intended to show the time in the manner in which you would actually tell time, ie. "half past 6", etc. The display also reverses color when it changes from AM to PM and my favorite part is that for one minute it will read simply "midnight" or "noon" before it moves on to "1 after 12"....i love the idea that someone could own this watch for quite a while and then discover this little nuance.