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    The United Healthcare Motion / QUALCOMM | TRIO health tracker is a product designed for United Healthcare in conjunction with SavvySherpa/Fortify… Read More
    The United Healthcare Motion / QUALCOMM | TRIO health tracker is a product designed for United Healthcare in conjunction with SavvySherpa/Fortify Technologies. This product is available through United Healthcare as part of the MOTION initiative. Read Less
United Healthcare Motion / QUALCOMM | TRIO health tracker
This is a project created for United Heathcare's MOTION project which is a joint deal with Qualcomm whereby insured members of UHC's system can earn money back through physical activities. It features measurement on everything from standard issue distance, total steps and calories to more detailed information like frequency of steps and intensity of activity. It also features a vibrating prompt if the wearer has been inactive for a specified period of time, as well as the ability for UHC to expand the software to capture other data points (such are capturing movements prior to and during seizures, etc. though this is beyond the scope of this initial MOTION program.)

The product is a three piece system which allows the user to switch between a strap version and a clip on version if they like. The original concept was to use metallic finishes and matte PU to create a product with high perceived value and relate to larger trends in the technology industry. Unfortunately, as the project grew in scope, the "fashion technology" aspect was dropped in favor of a more "mass" approach. This resulted in the metallic finishes being dropped in favor of a satin black finish to the head unit and then colored straps.

The construction also evolved over the course of the project, with the two separate straps being bridged by a piece of stamped metal. The barrels where the head unit slides into the strap or clip were tapered so it could only be slid in in one direction. The display has evolved from the original idea of an OLED to a small RGB display but the touch screen was kept (this is actually not a full touch screen, it is simply a touch plate located under the lens and running to the left of the display.)


Materials and finishes inspiration page: The original idea was to create a product which tied more closely to the use of metal/metal finishes in other technology products.
The TRIO tracker involves a head unit with a barrel on each end that slides into either a strap or a clip. This was to be a buttonless design with a touch screen....which would help enormously with water resistance rating. Final product concept render shown with RGB display, matte gold head unit and white PU strap.
Final product concept render of the head unit in the clip assembly.
Final product concept render of the head unit sliding out of the clip assembly.
The client had concerns about two loose strap ends, so an overmolded metal bridge added.
Final concept in matte aluminum with Tiffany blue strap.
Final product concept with all three pieces...note that after much debate, the client wanted it to be "less fashionable", so eventually the head unit was executed in satin black.
Final product concept render of strap in all black.
Informal shot of the final product with a blue strap.
Slightly different angle showing the barrel detail.
Informal shot with a yellow band.
Promo shots of the clip and head unit.
Promo shot of the strap.
Short video from CES2016 posted on United Healthcare's website.
This program was rolled out in stages throughout 2016....here is a short news segment from Austin, TX's NBC station.